Mangodrum - percussion composer

Written by MightyMango in collaboration with One Voice Music, MangoDrum software is a valuable tool for composing percussion grooves and helping you and your group learn and practise your repertoire away from the rehearsal room.

MangoDrum is very simple to use – you really don’t need to have prior experience with music software and it is designed to meet the needs of community percussion and samba group members.

MangoDrum is designed for Windows™. If you’re a MAC user then you’ll need to install a plugin such as ‘Winebottler’, ‘Parallels’ or ‘Fusion’ plus Windows OS in order to run the application.

Why not try out the FREE trial version, which is for an indefinite period, and see for yourself exactly how beneficial a learning resource this can be for you and your group.

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The trial version of mangodrum will run for an indefinite period and some features such as printing and saving are disabled. To unlock these and other features it is necessary to purchase a licence.

A Single User licence costs £35 and will allow the full version of MangoDrum to be installed on a single machine.

To purchase a MangoDrum licence, please click here