Drumswork ~ Corporate Teambuilding

corporate drumming workshop Why choose drumming?
Making music through ensemble percussion is the most direct and effective way to energise a group of people, and help them to work together towards a common goal.

Research shows that individuals’ attitudes and teambuilding skills improve immediately after percussion exercises. Creativity is encouraged and stress levels are reduced.

One Voice Music, the leading UK percussion training and education company, has developed Drumswork: percussion workshops influenced by Cuban and Brazilian music, and tailored to each client’s requirements.

The format can be either one long session or several short sessions throughout the day or even a combination of the two. Our ‘Icebreakers’ are a perfect way to energise and focus a group involving body percussion, clapping rhythms and hand held percussion. Participant numbers can vary from as little as ten to several hundred.

corporate drumming workshop

Why choose One Voice Music?
One Voice Music has provided quality percussion, dance and voice training since 1996. In this time over 3000 people have attended our workshops, courses, projects, community events and parades. We aim to create a safe, supportive learning
environment where people can develop their skills, increase their confidence, and—most importantly—have fun. Our network of local, national and international artists is one of the most impressive on the scene. Drumswork workshops focus on:

• Team development
• Training
• Motivation
• Enjoyment

Workshops are offered as an enhancement to the client’s event, and overall training and development objectives. Sessions can be personalised to suit the client’s needs and their business values, brand and culture are integrated fully into the workshop/s provided. Sessions can take place in the workplace or at the client’s choice of venue.

We can also offer a half or full day of teambuilding activities as a stand alone workshop where we are the sole provider of training.

corporate drumming workshop
“We all enjoyed the music we made together and the “buzz” lasted with us for several weeks!

Great music and release and one of the best ways yet we have had as time together.

This was exactly what we were after, all of us participating on a level and very enjoyable “playing” field. Great afternoon away from the building sites.” James Clark Properties

“General feeling was very positive, when asked by the facilitator what they enjoyed most about our day and a half long retreat, the Drumswork team building activity was singled out for praise by several people (even some who ordinarily detest team building activities).”
Department for International Development

“Thank you so much for making our training day today one of the best, I really enjoyed it.”
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